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Very soon we will be launching our affiliate programme - this will allow owners of other web sites to benefit from promoting Petrol Direct on their sites. We understand that for a lot of webmasters who run automotive sites that earnings can be slim - with Petrol Direct you can market something that everybody who visits your site will want!

This is how it works.. for every order that is placed through the affiliate link on your site, we will pay you a generous 2% commission! But the clever part is this.. we'll pay you in fuel! If someone orders 100 litres of super unleaded, then we'll send you 2 litres of the same fuel at the end of the month! The same applies for leaded petrol and diesel.. it doesn't matter what your visitors order, we'll send you 2% of the fuel as commission every month.

What's better is that there's no minimum commission amount - even if you sell just 1 litre of fuel, we'll send you 20ml at the end of the month in a jiffy bag.

We're busy finalising the programme right at the moment.. so check back soon!