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At Petrol Direct we know that fossil fuels won't last forever, so we have developed some environmentally friendly fuels that will keep your gas guzzling offroader going without destroying the earth.


Many people consider seabirds to be a pest - they create a mess, are very noisy and can spread disease. At Petrol Direct we see seabirds differently - as one of nature's great bounties.

Using a specially patented process along with our partners, the Shanghai Biofuel and Noodle Corporation (SBNC) we have developed Petrel™ a fuel source made from a mixture of seabird guano, combined with the rendered down, fermented and then distilled corpses of a variety of common gulls, albatrosses and terns. Tests have shown that this gives an fuel very closely equivalent to standard 95 RON unleaded petrol. Another advantage with Petrel™ is that government regulations count it as a foodstuff, so duty is only the standard 17.5% rate of VAT.

 Petrel Petrol  

Vin Diesel™

Various countries have been experimenting with biodiesels for some time, but Petrol Direct has tapped into the legendary EU wine lakes to come up with Vin Diesel™. Made from the foulest and most undrinkable European wines (such as Blue Nun and Beaujolais Nouveau) we have come up with a range of diesel fuels that are incredibly cheap.. because the EU has subsidised them!

We can supply Vin Diesel™ in 0.75 litre bottles in red, white, pink or sparkling varieties. This also makes an ideal Christmas gift for a loved one! (Not to be taken internally.)

sparkling Vin Diesel™ may cause misfiring and head gasket failure if over-used.

 Vin Diesel  


Aimed especially at lady drivers of Beetle Convertibles, Mazda MX5s and other girlie cars, Perfuel™ is an attractively fragrant biofuel made from processed rose petals.

The advantages of Perfuel™ are twofold - rose petals are a renewable energy source, and additionally it is the only fuel that perfumes the environment with a delicate aroma as you drive.

Sold in 15ml bottles at £300 per bottle.


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