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 Diesel from Petrol Direct We know that fuel costs are crippling many businesses - that's why we import our standard diesel from Malta - the home of the long-distance truck, and the cheapest place to buy diesel in the EU.

White Diesel

The standard diesel fuel for use in trucks, vans and cars. We can offer white diesel at a huge discount over standard UK prices.

Red Diesel

Sourced in the UK, this low duty form of diesel is about the cheapest you can find anywhere. For use in agricultural machinery only. Putting this in your car and truck would not harm the engine, but you would be breaking the law.

Rainbow Diesels

We can colour your diesel any way you like it - for the very first time, you can have a fuel that coordinates with your corporate livery. At present we can supply Orange, Blue, Yellow and Purple Diesel for only a small mark-up on our standard prices.

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