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 Petrol Direct We sell a wide variety of petrol to suit all types of cars, vans and motorcycles. Most of our common petrol varieties are sourced in Greece, which has the lowest duty rates on petrol in the EU.

Unleaded (95 RON)

Standard unleaded fuel for most types of vehicle.

Super Unleaded (100 RON)

For higher-performance engines. Our Super Unleaded fuel is of a much higher octane value than most standard UK super unleaded.

Leaded Petrol

We sell the genuine article at Petrol Direct - real leaded petrol instead of LRP. A little bit of lead never hurt anyone.

Super Leaded Petrol

With four times the lead content of ordinary leaded petrol, your car will get the extra kick it needs for maximum performance.

NOx Enhanced Petrol

Very rarely available in most of Europe, NOx Enhanced Petrol contains a specially dissolved nitrous oxide based compound that can really boost engine performance over short distances.

Ultra Low Cost Value Unleaded (50 RON)

Especially popular with Rover Metro and Nissan Micra drivers, our 50 RON ULCVU fuel is made from refinery leftovers. This is a very inexpensive fuel indeed as it is actually classified as industrial waste rather than fuel.

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